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Applying Design for Additive Manufacturing principles and generative design techniques to make your parts even better...

Part consolidation, weight reduction, improved design and greater part performance

AnyShape Add Value To Every Project

Like most additive manufacturing and 3d printing service providers, AnyShape prints parts from a digital file and for some this is all that is required.

However, at AnyShape we have the engineering knowledge, additive design expertise and process know-how to make your parts even better in terms of design optimisation, part quality, production efficiency and cost effectiveness

No longer restricted by the limitations of many traditional manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing your parts can bring many benefits including greater production flexibility, increased customisation capability, reduced raw material, reduced weight, reduced energy consumption, improved design and better part performance and surface finish.
Our in-house design team will work with you to ensure your designs are fully optimised to take full advantage of the complete additive manufacturing value chain


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