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The new era of electric propulsion has opened the door to many new-cutting edge and innovative 3d printing applications in the automotive industry

Electric, Hydrogen, Solar, AnyShape has a solution

The race to go full-electric by 2030 is on and leading automotive OEMs eager to get their products to market before their competitors understand the need to capitalise on cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Additive manufacturing in the automotive industry is the answer to reaching this goal.

From concept models to prototypes, production tooling to additive manufacturing automotive end-use-parts, 3d printing automotive parts is now commonplace within leading automotive manufacturers.

AnyShape’s capacity to print on-demand means you can tap in to our Just in Time services and utilize our technologies and expertise at anytime. Any-Shape’s additive manufacturing UK, European and Worldwide services cut lead times, streamline supply chains and offer a complete digital inventory for the production of 3d printing spare parts

Sec-Auto-Main | Any Shape 3D Printing Service

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Key advantages of additive manufacturing

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