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Our Markforged Mark Two composite 3D printer produces strong and lightweight tooling and parts with fibre reinforcement using continuous carbon fibre 3D Printing

What Is Continuous Carbon Fibre 3D Printing?

If you need to source strong and robust parts made from composite materials and like the idea of adding reinforcement only where it is needed, then try our carbon fibre 3d printing service

Similar to FDM technology, Markforged use an additive manufacturing material extrusion process to combine one or more separate materials together within the same build.
Taking a base composite material like Onyx™, a micro carbon fibre filled additive manufacturing nylon producing parts with strength, chemical resistance and almost flawless surface finish, Onyx™ can be printed on its own or can be reinforced with continuous fibres to create aluminium-strength parts.

Reinforcement materials include carbon fibre, carbon fibre FR, fibreglass, HSHT Fibreglass and Aramid fibre (Kevlar)

Learn more about our range of composite additive materials by clicking the Plastic AM Materials link below

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