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How 3D printing your SLS Prototype Parts and Metal 3d Printed Car Parts helps to save energy, reduce waste, cut CO2 emissions and recycle for a more sustainable future

For some, additive manufacturing as a production process is still in its infancy and only really viable for small volume production or high value, highly niche applications such as space exploration or Formula 1 motorsport

However, more and more companies are now recognizing the multiple benefits, value and flexibility that additive manufacturing can bring to an organization as well as environmental and sustainability benefits too.

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As additive manufacturing only uses the material needed to produce the part, after build completion any unused material can be removed, filtered and then returned to the system (recycled) ready for the next print job. Producing parts in this way also uses less energy and is more energy efficient.

Additionally, parts produced using additive manufacturing technology can benefit from design features not possible using some traditional manufacturing processes such a CNC. Parts can be made lighter and stronger but use less material by designing a lattice structure in additive manufacturing components. This can produce a part that is lighter and more fuel efficient such as an aerospace jet fuel nozzle for example.

Therefore Additive manufacturing has a positive environmental impact and enables manufacturers to produce better products that consume less energy and produce less CO2 emissions in to the atmosphere.

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