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3D printing in the energy sector is playing its part in making future power generation more efficient and sustainable

3D Printing in the Oil & Gas Industry

As the need for cleaner and greener energy generation increases, the demand for energy companies to cut carbon emissions from fossil fuels and switch to more renewable alternatives grows. 

Amidst this backdrop, technological innovations like 3D printing are emerging as game-changers, offering unprecedented opportunities for the sector to evolve and adapt.  

As a leader in the additive manufacturing landscape, we at AnyShape have been at the forefront of this transformation, providing cutting-edge 3D printing solutions tailored to the unique challenges and needs of the oil and gas or hydrogen industries. 

Whether you require 3D metal-printed parts or 3D-printed high-performance polymers parts, AnyShape can provide additive manufacturing consulting advice to guide and help you. 

Learn more about our Additive Manufacturing Services and materials. 

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What are the Benefits of Additive Manufacturing?

A Greener choice

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, additive manufacturing is the eco-conscious choice. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, which involve subtracting material from a larger block, additive manufacturing builds objects layer by layer, minimising waste. 

Traditional methods can be incredibly wasteful, discarding more material than is used in the final product. On the other hand, additive manufacturing uses only the material necessary for the component, thereby reducing its environmental footprint. 

Innovative at its heart 

The energy sector is an ever-changing landscape, constantly evolving with technological innovations and regulatory changes. In such a fast-paced environment, you need a system and a partner to keep up. 

Traditional manufacturing methods can take weeks to produce new components, hindering your ability to adapt swiftly. With additive manufacturing, you can design, test, and implement new components in a matter of days.

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  • What is the application of additive manufacturing in the oil and gas industry?

    With additive manufacturing technology, products can be designed, prototyped, constructed, tested, and validated cost-effectively. This is especially useful for the oil and gas industry, where potentially costly mistakes and defects in the components can be worked out in the design and prototyping phase.

  • How can additive manufacturing make the energy sector more sustainable?

    As additive manufacturing progresses and becomes mainstream, more greener processes and techniques are being discovered and used as standards. There is much less waste with additive manufacturing than traditionally manufacturing metals due to the nature of the methods.  

  • What are the new materials for additive manufacturing?

    In 2024, there have been considerable advancements in the materials used in additive manufacturing. With proprietary alloys being developed for many specialist applications. There are many alloys which can provide a mix of interesting properties like high mechanical resistance, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance, … and many others. 

  • What is the biggest advantage of additive manufacturing?

    Additive manufacturing has many benefits, but the biggest is the ability to create complex and intricate components not possible with traditional methods. 

  • Is Additive Manufacturing More Sustainable?

    Additive manufacturing can help make the energy sector more sustainable. It allows for quick prototyping and deployment of revolutionary parts and designs to improve current and future energy generation. It also allows spare parts to be produced for all types of machinery, allowing older generators to stay in service for longer before replacing them. 

Key advantages of additive manufacturing

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