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Our Metallography and Metrology Lab ensures you receive the highest quality AM parts in the industry

AnyShape has a reputation for Quality and Service, a reputation you can rely on...

At AnyShape we are equipped with cutting edge equipment enabling part testing to ASTM / ISO standards

Our in-house Metallography capabilities include

  • Density measurement by Archimede’s method
  • Density measurement and porosity mapping (image analysis on micrographs with validated thresholding procedure) with digital microscope
  • Microstructure control by optical microscopy
  • Micro vickers hardness testing
  • Line and Surface roughness via confocal microscopy
  • Line roughness via standard rugosimeter
  • Mechanical testing (tensile tests, fatigue, toughness, fatigue crack propagation, …)
  • Xray tomography, CT scan and FPI (subcontracted)

Additionally, the AnyShape Metrology Lab is equipped with essential measurement systems to ensure part accuracy and full compliance to customer specifications. Our equipment list includes:

Hexagon RS3 3D Romer Arm with probes and laser scanner for 3d dimensional control with metrology program
1D dimensional control: 1D measurement column


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Trusted by engineers worldwide

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