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polymer additive manufacturing
3D Printing Engineering Plastics from Powders, Filament and Resin

AnyShape have a broad selection of polymer additive manufacturing materials to enable the fast production of rapid prototypes, tooling and end -use-parts in a range of plastics

We offer limitless opportunities to produce customised, complex and innovative parts in a range of SLS polymer powders, FDM Thermoplastics (including 3d printing engineering high temp plastic ) Multi-Jet Printing of acrylic resins including 3d printing clear plastic parts and biocompatible parts for medical device applications.

SLS Polymer Powders

Choose from our range of selected high quality plastic and polymer materials developed specifically for laser based additive manufacturing and laser sintering processes. These include PA11 (Natural and Black), PA12, PA12 GF (Glass Bead Filled) PA12 Alumide (Aluminium Filled) and PA12 FR (Flame Retardant Nylon)
Any-Shape can also offer parts made from EOS PrimePart® Plus PA2221, a biocompatible refresh optimised PA12 nylon powder with a high recyclability rate. This makes PA2221 highly economical to manufacture


MJP Polymer Resins

For highly accurate, detailed and precise parts or assemblies requiring tight tolerances and smooth surfaces, MJP VisiJet materials in a range of colours and opacities (including VisiJet M3 Crystal) meet the need perfectly.

VisiJet acrylic polymer materials are the ideal prototyping material for concept models, product mockups and rapid-prototypes featuring multiple parts and assemblies

VisJet materials can be sanded, dyed, painted, coated and even metallised.


FDM Thermoplastics

Stratasys FDM technology uses production grade thermoplastics to ensure parts are built with the toughness, durability and accuracy you need.

As an industry proven material extrusion additive manufacturing method, FDM has become the technology of choice for reliable and consistent parts, large or small

FDM thermoplastics are ideal for rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, Forming tools, Jigs, fixtures and end-use production parts.

Our range of FDM materials include : ABS, ASA, Polycarbonate, Nylon 6, Nylon12, Nylon12CF ( Carbon Fibre Filled) Ultem 9085 (FST Approved) and Ultem 1010 for high chemical resistance


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