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Sec-def-hero | Any Shape 3D Printing Service
Additive manufacturing can offer a practical manufacturing MRO and logistical solution for todays armed forces

3D Printing Military Parts

Successful Land, Sea and Air operations rely on getting people and equipment to the right location at the right time. From personnel protective equipment to firearms, combat vehicles to helicopters, aircraft carriers to submarines, logistical corps of the worlds defense elite need to be well prepared and well equipped to handle any situation, anywhere.

Additive manufacturing is helping by 3d printing military parts used within a wide variety of settings and applications. Parts can be printed from digital inventory to enable fast parts replacement or simple re-engineering should a part benefit from improvements

At AnyShape our quality assurance certifications ensure that all parts produced using laser based additive manufacturing and material extrusion additive manufacturing technologies meet and exceed the required standards and confirm to all regulatory requirements

sec-def-shape | Any Shape 3D Printing Service

AnyShape is a subcontractor who has allowed us to increase our production capacities during an exponential demand of our activity with a lot of responsiveness in terms of lead time and quality

AnyShape helps us to bring our projects to completion and on time

Jean-Francois Budroni
AM Project Manager

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Key advantages of additive manufacturing

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